Alter World Timeline

Alter accounts. They are the answer to the decades-old question, “Anongpangalanmosagabi?” Think racy display pictures with stickers slapped onto where the faces should be, provocative Twitter handles, and a bit of nudity. (Punongbayan, 2017) In the Philippines, there are a few lesbian and bisexual alter accounts. The alter accounts are most popular among gay and closeted men.

Gay and closeted men alter accounts are more sexually open than lesbians and bisexuals. Lesbian and bisexual alter accounts make alter accounts because of emotional support through social media. They encourage and inspire one another to be themselves and helps the community to grow and be more confident.Also, some of the people who made the lesbian and bisexual alter accounts are not out about their gender.

In relation to lesbian and bisexual alter accounts, some of the gay and closeted men alter accounts are not out about their gender. This is the reason why they cover their faces or only half body in their profile pictures. They want to protect their identities because other people might be shocked that they join these type of accounts. Masculinity is one of the factors affecting why they hide their faces and show off their bodies.

“Masculinity is properly defined as an aspirational and normative style of being and living as a natural-born man that a critical mass of the members of that population applaud. Masculinity may evolve over time and diverge within cultures, but there are trans-historical and trans-cultural aspects that any reasonable man can realistically point to through comparison using adverbs. It is not a phenomenon insofar as non-heterosexual males make the same denotations in whatever argot and the interactions between heredity and environment out of which the phenomenon of masculinity arises are visible in mass popular culture. When “masculine” is applied to women, the term denotes mannish features (or severe unattractiveness). That is not masculinity.” according to the Urban Dictionary.

As explained above, there is an issue between masculine and masculinity. Those who joined the alter accounts can be masculine. They are not part of norm of masculinity. It is a quality of manliness. This involves habits and traits that society considers to be appropriate for a man. A non-homosexual man joining alter accounts is inappropriate. This is the reason why they cover their faces. But, showing off their bodies is a quality of manliness. They show their bodies instead of their faces.

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