A Different Approach (Acy Artugue)

So I decided to do a survey and I typically used the app to conduct my survey at night specifically 7pm onwards because I noticed that there are many people online. I find people to chat at the Meet tab because the people shown there are the people who are active at the moment. At first, I thought it was gonna be easy because I thought “Oh! I will just send them the questions they need to answer.” But many users just “seenzoned” my request and some declined because of the long set of questionnaire. (see photo below)


There are just few who considered answering it, including this guy who were wondering why I was asking those questions among people in this community, because for him there are a lot of dumb people here (sharing his experience on encountering people who believe that the earth is flat).


So what I did was to narrow down the questions so that people will not find it hard to answer. After that, of course there are still who users just “Seen” my request but I noticed that more people were willing to participate. At times, when someone messages me I took advantage of it and directly asked them to participate in a survey so that I could gather many responses (some didn’t reply after that, but there are also users who accepted).


Many of the respondents were also curious on why I am doing the survey and asked what subject is it for so I tell them it’s about online communities.

My interaction with those people was very brief because after they answer I just thanked them and they will already ignore it or some still reply “you’re welcome” and that’s it. Now I want to share this very entertaining and straightforward response of all of them. This person was new to the app and her response really made me laugh, because it was really different from the others whose answers were just simple or abrupt.

But aside from an entertaining one, I also like to share this response on why did they join MeetMe because it was a profound reason compared to the others. Another thing is that, I somehow relate to how she feels with what she said and one way or another it is the same reason for all the others in the community that they crave connection.


Then, others change the topic for a little chitchat and most of their questions was where do I study and where do I come from because MeetMe is an app for socializing after all. Aside from the most entertaining response I got, there is this interesting person I encountered because the person is an intersex (hermaphrodite). She opened up about it after telling me that she lives independently and that her parents abandoned her because of her rare body condition.

Finally, I will talk about the overall results of the survey. Like what I had said, I narrowed down the questions to gain more responses. The questions I asked were, when did they start using MeetMe, how did they discover it, do they know someone personal who also use the app, how often are they active on the community, and why did they join MeetMe and why they use it. Of all the users I messaged, only half of them responded and their age bracket was 17-24. Most of the users I interacted were only using the app for a couple of weeks, followed by those who were using it for months and a very few who’s been in the community for a year already. Regarding on how they discovered the application, the users’ answers were play store/app store, recommendation of a friend and there are also users who searched online for such apps. It was an equal number between those who said that they know someone personally who use the app and those who don’t. When asked how often they use the app or engage in the community, they are most likely to reply with when they are bored, when they have free time and if someone chats with them. Lastly, their reason for joining the app was generally to meet new people that can turn potentially into friends. For some, it is a way for them to avoid boredom or release their frustrations when they talk to strangers and few admitted that they are into finding someone to be in a relationship with that’s why they joined the MeetMe community. This community is a way for people to feel connected especially for those who feel inadequate in some aspects of themselves.

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