As we ponder upon studying the community of sneakerheads from some of the key informants, we found out that sneakerheadsshare the same identity wherein they consider themselves as people that are fond, has knowledge and knows about the significance of a shoe. When branded as a sneakerhead it is automatic that you hoard or collect shoe because of the inclination and the satisfaction it gives you as a shoe collector. These people would share the same perspective of what a sneakerhead really is. The term hypebeast always coincide once you are branded as a sneakerhead. In the society, they tend to make this two terms equitable with each other. After the study that we had, we can conclude that there is a significant difference between hypebeasts and sneakerheads. As the informants would say, hypebeast are people who buys expensive stuff just for the hype. They have the purchasing power but does not have the right knowledge about what they buy. Also, hypebeast is not isolated only by the collection of shoes but also on other stuffs, such as clothes, hyped up accessories, and alike.

Sneakerheads today are not just into collecting shoes for their sole purpose, hence, it also became the opportunity for them to compete in the market. Sneakerheads (not all) nowadays can be considered as capitalistsbecause they mean to produce and make profit through their operations. Because of this, them as a community would usually compete for limited or rare resources of sneakers around the globe. In this part the conflict theory of Karl Marx would butt in. In line with this, the most common type of transaction for them is meeting up with the person because the want to ensure the safety of the transaction. They want to make sure that they are buying original pair sure to a legit seller. When these people are doing something like buying, there are some specific codes that only co-sneakerhead will understand. The most common word that are given to us is “deadstock”. It means that the merchandise was never been worn by the owner before it is remove form sale.

Sneakerheads are also known in their awesome outfit but we found out that they dress according to what they feel. They wear what are comfortable. They wear clothes that are trending. They wear street wears. In short, they wear anything. They do not have specific style of clothing. They wear what other people wear. This is can be explained by Symbolic Interactionism Theory. Sneakerheads earn money by selling stuff that they have, but the profit depends on the stuff they are selling. Sneakerheads do not collect the same kind of shoes, and does not only conform on what is hyped up. They collect shoes based on their preferred kind of shoes. As per observation, most of the sneakerheads were fan of basketball since they were a child. The culture of basketball helped their eyes be opened into the world of shoe collection. Some came from a family that was oriented with the culture with shoe collection, and some are developed because of the kind of community that they are into. In short, they were influenced by the society that they are rotating with. The Symbolic Interactionism Theory would support this claim of ours.

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