Al Dente: Conclusion

With the arrival of the modern era came along numerous scientific advancements and discoveries which gave people a better understanding of the world, but debunked many religious beliefs. With the loss of validity of religious beliefs, many religions take questionable actions in the struggle to remain relevant in the ever changing world. One of these questionable actions is the proposed implementation of the Intelligent Design theory in schools by the Kansas school board. The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a fast growing religious group which reminds us to not take religious beliefs too seriously, to not force them unto others and most importantly, celebrate life and have a good laugh.

Applicable Sociological Theory

Functionalism theory is the most applicable theory to the CFSM based on the group. The creation of the CFSM and similar religious groups is seen as a response to other religious groups who try to overtake scientific facts and affect society as a whole with strongly held religious beliefs. The CFSM maintains order by creating its own set of absurd religious beliefs which keep other religious groups from effectively forcing their beliefs on others and reminds them about their stature as religious groups.


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