The growing population of the Flat Earth community had been noticeable year by year. Despite the information given to us today, some still disregard the fact that the earth is round. As we researched about the Flat Earth Society, it was concluded that there are several factors that can be associated with their belief. One of which is religion. At first glance, religion can be seen as a major influence for believing that the earth is flat. According to our research on the Flat Earth Society, it turns out that it does not have a major role and significance in their belief. How the community deals with negative criticisms of other people is another reason. Based on our observations, most of their arguments had no basis whether it is against a co-flat earther or with a round earther, mostly just relying on different videos and anecdotes online. Furthermore, most of the participants we had interviewed were usually college undergraduates. They rely too much on what they see and read on the internet without verifying whether it is true and if the source is reliable enough. Hence, we concluded that the members of the community are not open with different views and perspective about the earth. This study elaborated the culture behind the Flat Earth Society, to understand where their beliefs are coming from and to acknowledge the existence of their community.



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