Although there are different kinds of musical and film genres as of this writing, there will and will always be those who are centered around the cultural norms inside that culture.

The Hallyu wave has been popular since the dawn of the 1990’s and up until now it still rises above other with the reasoning that the concepts of the Hallyu wave is diverse and different.

The rise of the followers of those who joined the Hallyu wave and the Korean entertainment industry as a whole was in part because of the rise of globalization and commercialization. The effects of this can be seen in the lives of the fans or its followers because of they have been influenced by the Asian culture.

It can also be seen that the Asian entertainment industry is not yet “established”. Only a few from this Eastern part of the world are considered “famous” compared to the Western side.

Through this, the Hallyu wave helps recognize more Asian talents not just in Asia but from around the world and helps break the stereotypes that only the Western culture will thrive.


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