After participating in the MeetMe community ourselves, we can now understand why members of it joined and are engaging in it. In general, the people who use the app have a common goal that is to meet different people outside the parameters of where they usually go (school, work, neighborhood, etc.). They want to interact with them and their intentions vary per individual of course. But other than that, we will also present our conclusion applying theories in sociology so that you will have a concrete understanding of their reasons.

We consider symbolic interactionism in here because based on the survey, the users more likely joined MeetMe from recommendations of their friends or someone they know. So their decision to try out this community was influenced by others. Apart from that, their desire for connecting with other people through this app may pertain to a desire of change for their self whereas they find different attributes of other persons in the community. Then, interacting with those people affects now some aspects of their self or even their life. The answers on how, in general, the lives of the application’s users are greatly affected by the standards of beauty (i.e. being slim, looking masculine, long hair for women, etc.) explains why people on apps like MeetMe tend to pose as other people (meaning they use other people’s or celebrities’ image/s) just so they can capture attention and not feel any insecurities because they are shying away from their true appearance. This behavior is their way of adapting to that environment. Lastly, the community makes a different reality for its members that they relate in their real life interactions.

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