MLP Forums is a forum website that has a considerable amount of members called bronies. This site is a place where they could interact with fellow bronies and discover matters related to the show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This fandom called bronies consist of mostly men, ranging from young to middle aged. This following has garnered significant publicity among the years and their numbers are still increasing to this very day. They find My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, an animated television series developed and produced for young girls, engaging.  These people find the show appealing not because of malicious intentions, which is a common misconception of people outside the community, but because the show reminds them of their childhood and conveys positive themes such as love, patience, friendship, and joy. Members of the community communicate with each other using words used within the show itself and words that are made by the fandom. The brony fandom is dynamic and expansive.They interact with one another within the different sections found within MLP Forums. This is where they talk about topics related to the show, create and share artworks with members of the community, and also roleplay. They have begun developing their own detailed language to communicate with one another. There are also multiple types of bronies within this community. They are the bronies, the non-bronies, the psycho bronies, and the anti-bronies. The functionalist theory by Emile Durkheim is suitable for this community because MLP Forums serve as a place where people of similar hobbies, ideals, and beliefs called bronies can interact with others and express themselves. This website provides a peaceful environment, much like a second home, for these fans from all walks of life. Consequently, this helps these people perform and contribute significantly better in modern society.

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