Difference of CreepyPastas: Then and Now

Culture changes and of course the community will change as well. The CreepyPasta community has changed for quite a while now. Back then, the “classic” creepypastas are more realism and believability to its story. These “classics” are more based on urban legends. Another reason why the “classics” were deemed to be more believable is because it is simply hard to trace the original author of the story since the creepypasta was passed around so much. Nowadays, there are less creepypastas being circulated around the Internet. Copy and pasting is now generally seen as stealing, or as an act of plagiarism. According to an article on turbofuture.com, there are a lot of authors who are not posting their stories anonymously because they want to make their names known throughout the community. Creepypastas have now become short stories or fiction with horror elements mixed up with it which goes against the old culture or characteristics of a creepypasta.

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