First Hand Experience (Disney Kyle Serra)

There are so many interesting people in meet me. Some of the other people use meet me as a medium because some of the people that I chatted had asked me if I have a K!k Account or Whatsapp account because they use those app to communicate frequently.

Most of the people at first does not show their identity but as you get to know them through chat they would show what their personality are and in the end, you would know more about them. I have added some of the people that I met in meet me in some social media apps such as Facebook and whatsapp.

Some people were not as interesting as the others because some of them were rude because some kept asking “send nudes” and there were others that you think that they are the person on the picture or they would tell you that’s their name but truthfully, they are just posers and some of them were just trolling other people.


There are people that I talked to that at first just seen my message saying “Hi! 😊”


but eventually some people replied to my message and one of the people that I talked to started replying and we talked about movies since one of her tag that describes her likes is movies and we mostly talked all night about movies.


One lady that I met was from Indonesia and she told me she was Chinese too and we talked about we talked about where we would go in the future.


Another person that I talked to was a lady and was an anime fan and we talked about anime that we watched and I then we talked about where we study and what our interest are. Then we talked about cute things like dogs because one of our tags was dog lover and we both love dogs.

I met a guy that is persistent in getting my phone number for some reason and I saw that some people are persistent in either meeting people or persistent to find their forever or someone that would be their friend to spend time with them.

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