OneHallyu has alot of forums and threads from pictures, to translations, even music charts. The site has been helpful for fans from all around the world.



The Neighborhood is considered the home section of the website. Here you can join discussions, meet other people, introduce yourself, any many more


The Korean Entertainment section is the go-to of most of the members. This section includes discussions for the new releases of songs, albums, dramas, and the like. You can also talk about celebrity gossips and couple in some of the threads. Celebrity photos could also be exhanged here.


As a lot of Korean artists branch out to other countries to release their music, Onehallyu aims to to the same. It has threads for Chinese, and Japanese Entertainment for those who wish to follow the country’s entertainmetn industry. Onehallyu also has a section for translations of articles and interviews, lyrics, subtitled videos.


Korean Entertainment is not just music and food. It also includes fashion, culture, gaming and a whole lot more. This section of the site provides users the ability to discuss other forms of korean entertainment.

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