Dating back to the early 1970’s, wherein there has been a great number of shoe company emerged and competed in the market. The brands that emerged and competed usually were associated with athletes to support their need in the world of sports. Some of which are the two most powerful and influential shoe companies: Nike and Adidas. Although the traditional and iconic “Converse All-Star” were originally made at the year of 1923 for the basketball players, it was in the 1970’s wherein it was worn as a casual shoe and used outside the basketball court. Hence, the Chuck Taylor All-Star became a widespread, gained popularity, became a favorite of various groups and subcultures, and of course: the image of the starting popularity of sneakers.


It was from the street ballers of the New York City the culture of sneakerheads started. They would usually have the coolest and rarest shoes supplied by the most influential brands at that time. Nike, then, introduced a shoe that would change the history of the sneaker world; it was the Nike Air Force 1. Originally, the Air Force 1 were made and designed for basketball superstars at that time, but it was also worn by most of the people around the globe for fashion and casual wears.


Then came the legacy shoe of Adidas: The Superstar, which was originally released as a low-top version of a volleyball shoe. It was also the first low-top basketball shoe that features an all leather and the iconic rubber shelltoe. Because of its precise technology as a non-skid and features a rubber toe protection, it became popular for most of the NCAA and NBA players; one of the notable players to ever wear this shoe was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Over the course of time, the popularity of it would go out of the court; it advanced from the sidewalks, streets, undergrounds and lately into the public.


When Michael Jordan was drafted as the number 2 draft pick in the NBA, no one knew that he would change the epoch of sneaker history. It was on the release of the Air Jordan 1 (which Nike banned for some reasons), when the serious collection of sneakers started. Jordan started the era of making a signature shoe per players. Other shoe brands would also sign a superstar player and create a signature shoe that would also be appealing to the people. Since then, people would collect the signature shoes of the players. When Nike started to re-issue the banned Jordans, collectors started to fill in the gaps between their collection. Since then, the sneaker collection became so powerful to different cultures.


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