Our group had posted on the website of Creepypasta with six questions regarding their thoughts on the community. Our six questions were:

  1. What made you start reading creepypastas?
  2. What are your preferences on creepypastas?
  3. Do you consider regular horror stories found on the internet as creepypastas?
  4. What’s your take on plagiarism and creepypastas?
  5. (If applicable) Do you consider stories on /r/nosleep as creepypastas? Why?
  6. What is your age and nationality? (You can just say pass or something if you don’t want to answer this question)

There is really no definite majority on the age and nationality of who reads creepypastas. They were just drawn to it because of their interest in the horror, mystery and/or thriller genre. Some of our respondents said that they were introduced to creepypastas through their friends and took an interest in it after reading some. All of them said that plagiarism is bad and people who do these acts should be punished severely. Here are some of their answers:


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