MeetMe is an application that helps people meet other people nearby and get to know them by meeting them personally or just talking to them online. According to Google Play, it is the “Number 1 Social App for Meeting New People in the US.” Some users of the application might share the same interests and hobbies that is why there are tags that mainly describe each person. A user can see what some people are doing in the “Discuss” Tab, where he/she can share his/her thoughts or feelings and post it in different categories. For example, if the user wants to see movie recommendations or know what other people are watching, he/she can go to the Movie category. If the user wants to find romance, then he/she can post at the Romance category of the Discussion Tab and others. The application has similarities with Facebook, Twitter, and Tinder, but is combined and has categories wherein someone can post. In MeetMe, there is also a “Live” tab where a user can find people, meet, and chat with them live, as well as discover more about the application. There are many kinds of people someone can possibly meet through this application, whether he/she uses it frequently or not, because there would be someone interested in his/her personality or identity.

Some people think that they might find a best friend through MeetMe. Some might think they can find the right person for them, or “The One” for them by using this application, but unless they try it, they would not know of the possibilities.

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