What are creepypastas? Creepypastas are stories posted in the internet and passed around to other sites to scare and creep out the readers. The word “Creepypasta” came from the word “copypasta”, which is an internet slang that came from 4chan, a community similar to reddit, but is leans towards the use of images for discussions. “Copypasta” means a block of text that gets passed around to other sites multiple times. Creepypastas may contain different media like images, audio, and video to portray the “pasta” more vividly. There are different types of creepypastas which are separated into three different categories. Anecdotes, wherein the author narrates his/her own experiences like events from his/her past, proving different scary legends and unusual news stories, etc. Rituals, which are a set of instructions that when the reader follows and performs said instructions the reader will experience something surreal. Lastly is the “Lost Episode” or “Lost Episodes”, which are stories about episodes from famous television shows that were never aired to avoid being viewed by the public. The episodes mostly consist of distorted audio and video, and the characters acting strangely like acting different from their portrayed persona from the original episodes, sometimes performing strange and frightening things that cause the viewers of the episode to act unconsciously and commit suicide. When the site first launched back in 2008, most of the stories that were posted were not posted directly on the site because it was still new. The pastas back then were mostly Rituals, and short and vague, rather than the more vivid and engaging pastas that have become popular today, which are actually just regular horror stories mostly consisting of anecdotes. After some time, the site started accepting submissions from the readers and it slowly became popular in the dark and creepy side of the internet today.

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