Hallyu Wave

The Korean Culture Wave or better known as the Hallyu Wave originated in mid-1999 by Beijing Journalists because of their surprise on the growth of the Korean Entertainment Industry in the mid 1990’s (Brandeisear, 2012). The Korean Entertainment Industry includes Korean pop music, TV dramas, style, culture and lifestyle. The Hallyu Wave evolved from being an Asian sensation to a global phenomenon that captured a lot of people’s attention. In the Philippines, its growth is pretty much evident; different channel stations showcased different Korean TV dramas that was prominent during its year, and some even remade it (My Love From The Star, 49 Days, Temptation of Wife, Autumn in my Heart, etc.) and some even divulge Korean pop music scoops through different news outlets.

Korean Pop Culture’s growth is very evident in this decade and there is no stopping it form spreading worldwide, even winning against Justin Bieber, a worldwide phenomenon. But why do people like KPop and KDramas? Even though they can’t even understand their language. They become so self engaging to its culture that its spreading faster and faster throughout social media and the internet.



OneHallyu is an asian entertainment community forum. From Korean to Japanese to Chinese, OneHallyu is a place to share ideas and thoughts with this topics in mind. If you were to ask members of the OneHallyu community, it is a place to go to when one is bored and wants to be entertained, or to simply waste time. OneHallyu compared to other sources for asian entertainment, aims to be the sole competitor to this industry by providing information that is reliable, dependable, and legitimate. The website also provides forums in which users can participate with each other through forum posting and replying. From sharing experiences, opinions, and thoughts, the community is able to freely express its interests for an industry which leads to the formation of an identity.

The goal of our research is to know the function of the Korean Pop culture to the society through the use of the website OneHallyu and how it affects its viewers as a whole.

According to, one of  the more prominent websites for browsing the Korean entertainment culture is OneHallyu. It compares with major websites like and As stated by OneHallyu in a forum post, it hopes to be the only source of verified information regarding not just the Korean entertainment industry but the whole Asian block.

The logo of OneHallyu is: “OH!”

The O in the logo specifies that there is no end and there is no beginning. In making sense of this, we try to understand that through this “circularity” of OneHallyu, the community is then one whole entity. OneHallyu is, simply, one.

The H is Hallyu. The community gathered within the confines of the website are currently there because of the Hallyu movement that came about before. OneHallyu specifies in a post: The “H” in our logo is symbolic of not only members from the four corners of the earth coming together at a centric point, but also from that center, us reaching out to the many branches of Asian entertainment.

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