There is a saying that goes by: “The first thing that a person would look at, is the pair of shoes that you wear”. You can tell a lot based on what kind of shoe that you wear. In fact, there was a study that was published in the Journal of Research in Personality in 2012 which showed that 90 percent of the personality you have can be vibrated by the footwear you choose. The study would say that the person who wears a BORING-LOOKING shoe has some trouble forming relationships, aloof, and repressive. Wearers of this shoe does not really care of what an individual would say about them. There are also some who likes to wear a HIGH-FASHION type of shoe. They are often tagged with being conscientious, and more likely to be Republican. Also, wearers of this type tend to worry of their physical appearance and they consider what other people would say about them. Some people are also meticulous about their shoes even if it is worn several times it looks as if it is as good as new. It is said that, people, with well-kept shoes tend to worry about their relationships which can be prone to attachment anxiety. There are also people who have high inclination towards SNEAKERS. It is said in the study, that people who likes to wear sneakers are often extroverts and has a fun personality.


Sneakers, today, are more popular than ever. As we pass by the streets, go to the mall, attend some parties and casual events we would usually see the volume of people who wear sneakers. But what are sneakers? Sneakers are the type of shoes which is primarily designed to be a sports footwear for athletes. The term “sneakers” is often used in the huge part of the United States of America. In the British English language (which is spoken in the United Kingdom) the equivalent of the term “sneaker” is “trainer”. In some parts of the United States, they call sneakers as “kicks” which is a slang counterpart of that word. Due to the difference between the culture, here in the Philippines (Philippine English language) many of the people would not recognize the term sneakers; they would recognize this by using the term “rubber shoes”. The term “sneakers” is also derived from the word “sneak up” because it’s a lot quiet when stepped on the ground, compared to a hard leather shoe. Alongside, SNEAKERHEADS is the group of people or community who have high enthusiasm, inclination, or affection toward sneakers. Due to their enthusiasm with sneakers, these people tend to collect, trade, admire, and criticize sneakers as a hobby. Also, sneakerheads has the skill to distinguish a real sneaker to a fake replica. Most of the sneakerheads are knowledgeable about the history of the sneaker that they wear. Also, many would spend their time and fortunes in order to study the sneaker itself while they build their own collection. Apparently, most of the sneakerheads would make a collection of shoes that came from the faction of basketball, running, and skateboarding. A sneakerhead must have a passion, commitment and knowledge in order to be a genuine and absolute lover of sneakers.

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