Purpose of the Study

Bronies have had a large following within the years. They have also amassed significant publicity among the years. The baffling matter with this fandom is the fact that they are mostly men, ranging from young to middle aged, that faithfully follow the show. The sudden popularity of this community cannot be fully explained by conventional wisdom that tells us what men should or should not find engaging. This is where MLP Forums come in. It claims to be the biggest brony forum in the Internet. With this website, the researchers were able to answer the questions:


  1. Why is it the case that the majority of bronies are adult males?
  2. How do they interact with others?
  3. What makes bronies different from non-bronies?


These are the questions that the researchers aim to answer because these questions contain the necessary information that may fully help people understand the significant following of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and may also significantly help us understand and communicate properly with the enthusiasts of the show called bronies. The study also aims to help people understand and distinguish the different types of bronies.

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