Qualities of a CreepyPasta

There are certain things or qualities that we search for in order for us to consider a scary story to be a creepypasta. According to an article from bustle.com, there are four qualities that we can find in creepypastas. Number one, a creepypasta must have originated online. It’s the golden rule: a creepypasta isn’t a creepypasta if it did not start on the Internet. acreepypasta is not written on paper, it is not watched on the television, it is typed or copy and pasted by a user to share it on the Internet. Number two, a creepypasta NEEDS to be scary, frightening and of course, creepy, hence the name. The goal of a creepypasta is to scare people, even if the value of something scary varies from person to person. Number three, a creepypasta must seem to be believable. It should at least make people think twice that these kinds of stories are not real. Lastly, a creepypasta needs to be shareable. What’s the point of a creepypasta if it is not shareable?

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