Symbolic Interactionism

Why would people believe that the earth is flat even when all scientific evidence are contradictory to this? This is because of the situations that these people create in their minds.

Symbolic Interactionism is the most applicable theory for this research with the reason that it interprets society through the interactions we have with people and the environment one interacts with. It also analyzes society by addressing the subjective meanings that people impose on things. By subjective, it means that people only believe on the things that they want to believe, and not on what is objectively true. Their beliefs are somehow influenced by their emotions, feelings, or by the people around them.

Technology also played a huge role in the views of the flat earthers. In result to this, flat earthers have acquired different point of views and ideas about the earth. Most flat earthers got their information about this theory only through the internet and they already accepted it as true because it is what they want to believe. Through today’s technology, flat earthers have gained more reach and met more people who share the same beliefs and notions as them. If the internet did not come into fruition, some of them might lose their idea of the earth being flat because there would be lesser exchange of information about the flat earth theory. The flat earth community has developed their members into what they are believing today. Through symbolic interactionism, the flat earth community helped its members and/or followers to shape their own identity as a believer of the flat earth theory.



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