What’s in it?

In the first place, the app would let you set up your own profile either by using your Facebook account or using your Gmail account, and then input the other details manually. It will ask about your basic details and preferences. After setting up an account you would see other profiles that are near you in the Meet Tab and you would be able to see their profiles or see their basic information and even the things that interest them like movies, dogs, books etc. There is a gauge where you can see your popularity and sometimes it makes a user want to make his or her popularity very high so he/she will have the urge to add many people and chat many people and maybe even meet people in person. There is an extra feature where you would pay to gain more profile views and boost your profile to other people and they don’t just buy these credits because sometimes these credits can come from frequent use of the app.

We could see this app to be like Facebook but both of the apps are different from each other, partly because Facebook helps you connect or reconnect with old friends and classmates while MeetMe helps you meet more people.

There is so much happening at the Discuss tab in the app because it is similar to a Facebook newsfeed where you could post your thoughts in a certain category you would want to post. Even in the Discuss tab, you would find a whole another community aside from MeetMe or you might refer the categories as for sub communities that exist in the application. There is even a community for LGBT.


There is a game in MeetMe and it’s called “The Matching Game” where you would either give this person a Heart or an X, equivalent to Tinder’s Swipe Right and Swipe Left. However, that does not stop there, if someone gives you a heart you would be notified and there would be 9 profiles to be shown and you will have 5 chances to find out or choose the one that gave you a heart and if you find that person within the 5 tries, you would match that person and the app will give you an option to either just chat that person or you would add that person.

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