About The Site


Reality TV Games, an internet forum where people from all over the globe talk about different kinds of TV series ranging from modelling shows, game shows, celebrity life talks, and many more. It comprises of around 30,000 members, where some are mostly viewers, some are very known people in the industry, mostly in fashion, whilst some members are the actual people from the show themselves, reviewing other people’s critique and insights to further evaluate and assess their growth within their respective shows.At first glance you might think that the site isn’t very active .The design of the site is very simple and quite outdated compared to other sites we use but when you start to check some of the forums or blogs made by the users of the site you’ll see that there is a lot going on  in this site..


The Process



The forum follows the process of having to register first before being able to post, effectively minimizing any potential cases of bots that may harm the site.

The registration uses the common ways of having to input basic details and having it confirmed via email. It also has the basic options of having private information hidden to prevent any identity theft. Once an account is made, the user has the ability to edit their profile to their preferences, even their backgrounds and layouts.

The Subforums


The forums has an immense amount of subtopics where different kinds of shows are discussed. The most popular sub-forums which most people are active at are; the modeling shows which follows the format of the famous Next Top Model series by Tyra Banks, and the American reality show the “Real Housewives”.


The Rules

The site has its own rules that most users must follow in order to remain in the site. Moderators closely follow any user activities and give out any corresponding punishment or warnings to those who break the rules.



The Community


The community is composed mostly of people from the US, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Most of them are gay with only a few straight guys and girls, they even call each other “sisters”.The forums even show the ones who are online, the forum staff, and those who have birthdays, creating an effective only friend system.


One thing we’ve also noticed with the users is that they have a certain way of designing their signatures, they usually have a gif of someone, and some names.


The names actually represents contestants from various shows that they are rooting for, but sometimes they are actually iconic moments from the show.




Some users create games for others to participate; the mechanics of the game is explained and all the rules that must be followed. There are achievements rewarded to winners at the end.

Hosts choose who gets eliminated or who will win the game. One user interviewed hosted this particular game, it is a role playing game everyone has a secret that other players should not know.The goal of the game is to know everyone’s secret without them knowing yours. He is focusing on hosting this game and just want to make sure that players are enjoying the game and not regretting signing up for it.


Achievement System



Achievements on this forum are highly sought after. Some users believe it gives them more fame and credibility, some say it’s the first thing people would look when viewing your profile page as it gives them hints and bits of how one behaves on the forums. When you receive an achievement it will be displayed on your profile. It’s like a reward system for the users who are always online, this encourages other users to start hosting their own games or be more active on forums for them to gather all the achievements.


Some awards also encourage the having multiple post counts, as evidenced by the Blabbermouth achievement which requires over 20k posts on the site. There’s also awards granted by hosted games which are considered the rarest and hardest to get as hosted games are very unlikely to be repeated and have different awards.